The objective of all proposed activities proposed within the Science Week 2014 is to approach and inform students of all ages about science and hydrogen and fuel cells technologies, no-known for many of them, explaining different applications of these technologies.

The CNH2 will make sessions for different schools and colleges of any city of the province of Ciudad Real that have previously booked an appointment for assistance.

Action 1: Dissemination Session “Hydrogen Formula”

Its foundation will be the development of a workshop whose base is running a kart developed in Spain powered by a fuel cell. The aim is to generate awareness of technological change that is occurring worldwide in the transport sector and thus draw attention to the students about the technology being developed in our country and in other countries.
Attendees will see running a hydrogen-powered kart property of AIJU (Technological Institute for children’s products & Leisure).

Action 2: Dissemination session “Future housing”.

The aim is to show the capabilities and applications of the renewable energy and hydrogen and fuel cell technologies combination with special emphasis on the operation of a self-supplying housing by combining technologies referred.
A demonstration of the application of technologies will be used by a model that represents a self-supplying housing electrically by a combination of renewable energy (mini-turbine) and hydrogen technologies (electrolyser, storage) and fuel cells.

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